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Our Subscription Plans

Starting from $16.00/month, our plans include the ETC Learn2Earn Rewards program, offering potential long-term membership rewards. Alternatively, subscribe for core language app functions and services at discounted monthly or yearly rates.

For The Casual


Pay As You Go
$ 39
Essential plan 3 languages
  • Full Core Product Access
  • Online Tutors
  • Upgrade Anytime
  • 60% Discount

For The Rewards

THE Purple Club

Learn2Earn Rewards
$ 16
Plus $500.00 Purple Club Token
  • Learn2Earn
  • Buyback Program
  • Exclusive Content
  • 60% Discount

For the Value

Value Plus

Yearly Discounted Plan
$ 16
Plus $500.00 Purple Club Token
  • Full Core Product Access
  • Buyback Program
  • Upgrade Anytime
  • 40% Discount

that reward

Earn Real Value while you learn.
Your progress and contribution is rewarded every step of the way.


Welcome to the Purple Club: Features and Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Seamless Access: Enjoy instant, hassle-free access to all features.
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from blockchain-based security for your membership that traditional systems can’t match.
  • Exclusive Content: Access premium content and features.
  • Earn Rewards: Participate in our Learn2Earn, staking and rewards program.
  • Transparent Operations: Trustless transparent, blockchain-based system. Only YOU have control.
  • Exciting future opportunities to explore
  • What is a Membership Token?
    A membership token is a digital asset that represents your unique membership in our community. It’s stored on the blockchain, ensuring that you have verifiable and secure ownership of your token.

  • Membership token creation: Each subscriber receives a unique membership token upon subscribing. The token includes metadata which record subscription details, user achievements, and other relevant information.

  • What does true ownership mean in the context of Web3?
    True ownership in the Web3 ecosystem means that you have full control and rights over your digital assets. Unlike traditional digital assets that are controlled by a central authority, Web3 assets like membership tokens are decentralized and owned by you, the user. This ownership is transparent, secure, and verifiable on the blockchain.

  • How does owning a membership token benefit me?
    Owning a membership token provides several benefits:
    Proof of Membership: Your token serves as proof of your membership and grants you access to exclusive features, content, and rewards within our platform.
    Transferability: You can transfer or sell your token to others if you choose, allowing you to monetize your participation and achievements.
    Access to Rewards: Your membership token enables you to participate in our rewards program, including staking and earning reward points that can be redeemed for various benefits.

  • How can I verify my ownership of a membership token?
    Your ownership is recorded on the blockchain, a decentralized and transparent digital ledger. You can verify your ownership by checking your web3 wallet or using blockchain explorers to see the details of your token.

  • What happens if I lose my access credentials?
    Since your membership token is stored in your digital wallet, it’s essential to keep your wallet credentials safe. Losing access to your wallet could mean losing access to your token. Always back up your wallet and keep your private keys secure. Remember, only YOU have control over your membership and access token!

  • How is this different from traditional digital memberships?
    Traditional digital memberships are controlled by a central authority, which can restrict access, revoke memberships, or control the distribution of rewards. With Web3 and membership tokens, you have decentralized control, ensuring that your membership and associated rights are owned and managed solely by you.

  • Is my membership token secure?
    Yes, membership tokens leverage blockchain technology, which is inherently secure and resistant to tampering. The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that your token cannot be altered or duplicated fraudulently.

  • Can I participate in the rewards program without a membership token?
    No, participation in our rewards program requires ownership of a membership token. This ensures that rewards are distributed fairly and transparently to active and contributing members.
  • How to get a membership token?
    You can acquire a membership token by joining our community and purchasing one through our platform. Detailed instructions on how to obtain and manage your token are provided on the subscriptions purchase page here.

  • What do you need to get a membership token?
    All you need is a Web3 wallet where we can send your membership token. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! During the checkout process, you will have plenty of options to easily create one.
  • As a valued holder of our Web3 Purple Club membership  token, you are eligible to use our exclusive Learn2Earn rewards system  which comes with “Buyback” or “In-App Redeem” options. What this means is that ETC will allocate funds from it’s subscription revenue and will contribute this to a staking pool.

  • 2% of all subscription revenue stream will be allocated to the pool and this amount will be used to buy back tokens from eligible members.
    Any holder of a Purple Club Membership token will be eligible to participate in the rewards program.

    As a Purple Club member, you can stake your membership token to participate in the Buyback program. Staking allows you to earn reward points for your contributions and completed tasks.

    At the end of each month, reward points are calculated based on your engagement and tasks completed on the platform.

  • Redeeming Reward Points:
    Reward points can be either used to purchase content within the App and ETC ecosystem or use the Buyback option which means that ETC will purchase your monthly NFT token.

  • In-App Purchases:
    You can use your reward points to purchase content within the ETC app and ecosystem. These are stackable for 6 months.

  • Buyback Option:
    Alternatively, you can opt for the Buyback program. ETC will buy back your NFT token representing your monthly reward points, the amount paid is calculated based on your monthly points and the accumulated amount in the staking pool. Payouts are made in USDT or USDC, and each transaction is publicly and transparently recorded on the blockchain.

  • Monthly Reward Token:
    Each month, a new reward token is minted for your account representing your earned points. This token is separate from your Purple Club Membership token.

Important Notes: 

Buyback Frequency:
The Buyback option is available once a month. Accumulated points can only be redeemed monthly and cannot be saved for a lump-sum purchase later. However, accumulation is available for in-app purchases for up to 6 months.
Every transaction in the Buyback program is fully transparent and available to view on the blockchain.

Why is our Web3 Membership and Rewards System Transparent?

  • Immutable Blockchain Records: Every action related to your membership token is recorded on the blockchain. This includes issuance, transfers, and buybacks. The blockchain is immutable, meaning these records cannot be changed once they are made. You can independently verify your transactions and holdings anytime using blockchain explorers.

  • Publicly Auditable Rewards Distribution: We allocate 2% of our subscription revenue to a staking pool. This allocation and the subsequent distribution of reward points are transparent and recorded on the blockchain. At the end of each month, your reward points are calculated based on your contributions, and new tokens are issued to your account. If you choose the Buyback option, those transactions are also recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency.

  • Clear and Transparent Ownership: Your membership token represents your unique ownership. It is securely recorded on the blockchain, and you have full control over it. Monthly reward tokens you earn are also transparently recorded and managed.

  • Public Access to Transaction History: You can track all token transactions, including minting, transferring, and buybacks, using blockchain explorers. This ensures full disclosure and allows you to review the complete history of your tokens and transactions, fostering trust and accountability.

Effortless Access with Web3 Membership Tokens

Unlike traditional membership systems that require usernames, passwords, and multi-step login processes, our Web3-based system offers a seamless and effortless experience.
Quite simply all you need to do is ensure your membership token is in your wallet.
Here’s how it works:

  • No Traditional Logins:With Web3, there’s no need for traditional login credentials. You don’t have to remember usernames or passwords.
  • Automatic Verification and Access:As long as your Purple Club membership token is present in your Web3 wallet, you have full access to our services.
    Ensure your wallet is active and connected to the ETC site. Once connected, verification is automatic, granting you immediate access to all features and content.
  • Simple and Secure: Web3 wallets provide a secure way to manage your membership tokens without the hassle of traditional login methods.
    The blockchain ensures that your token and access rights are securely recorded and verifiable, eliminating the need for central authority checks.

Key Benefits:

Ease of Use: Simply connect your Web3 wallet with your membership token, and you’re all set.
Enhanced Security: Your access rights are tied to your token and wallet, providing a more secure method than traditional centralized systems.
Instant Access: The system automatically verifies your token, giving you immediate access without any additional steps.


We believe that Web3 and AI hold the key to the future of web technology, to be at the forefront means looking into the future and planning ahead for when the masses adopt the technology. Just in the 2nd quarter of 2024 there were record number of web3 users registered. These numbers keep growing at a rapid pace. 

There will be new opportunities coming up in the future.

Such as our upcoming AI Avatar that will truly transform your social presence.

We are looking into introducing NFT renting, which allows to rent out your membership token to those who cannot afford to purchase one or don’t wish to. 

Future versions of the App might become available in the form of a dApp (decentralised App) on the Solana Saga mobile phone.

Lots more exciting development to come.

We do want be ready for the next big technological boom. Do you?


Build Real life speaking confidence

The App is designed in a way that it teaches you to be confident in real life without having to go through the often cumbersome, conventional teaching methods.
It was originally designed to prepare foreign workers settle effortlessly into new challenging environments abroad, and rather quickly. The method was highly successful, hence it is now being integrated into a new, modern App that anyone will be able to use. The content is delivered in such a way that it inspires speaking confidence.

Listen, acquire, speak.

From passive learning to full Speaking proficiency effortlessly

In the first stages you literally have to do nothing.
The App uses the unique E- Talking Club ™ one of a kind method that starts with passive, non-conscious listening, and as you become more skilled, it progresses you naturally towards speaking and interacting with uniquely matched learning partners and tutors as well as AI an assistant.
Paced at your own rhythm. 

Planned release date
Q3 2025


Get Rewarded!