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The non conscious language acquisition

E- Talking Club ™ is not just a new method in the language teaching market, but a language revolution that can fundamentally change the way we think about learning foreign languages.

The Methodology and how it works

The foundamental concept

The method is based on the pattern of mother tongue acquisition, an innovative and effective way to facilitate the development of language skills which are vital today and enables the confident use of foreign languages.

the main principles of the method

Our parents are not language teachers yet we learned perfectly from them, ETC follows the same method.

No one learns their mother tongue from a book, so you don’t have to either when learning a second language with ETC.

No writing plays a role in language acquisition until the age of 7. We follow the same principle. Writing comes after speaking.

We acquire most knowledge in a family environment. ETC uses a similar, comfortable setting.

Speakers of their mother tongue would not be able to describe as little as 10% of the grammatical rules. We don’t force grammar, instead you learn to speak well first.

ETC has conquered all of these fundamental principles and crafted a program that teaches you how to use new languages without going through the traditional and outdated education method.

How does it work exactly?

Young children look at the world with a sincere interest and try to understand it by first listening, watching adult communication, and then constantly asking questions themselves.

We experience this as a child and then as a parent ourselves. From the answers we receive to our questions, our view of the world is built up, and thus the system of our mother tongue is formed within us which we use confidently and eclectically every day.

The method of language acquisition of the mother tongue is thus based on a series of questions and answers, focusing on listening and then speaking, followed only by an understanding of writing and grammar.

This revolutionary method takes place along a theme that strictly follows the process of language acquisition by applying listening and speaking with appropriate intensity and order.

The main principle of the method is a question-and-answer system-based, structured communication method, during which we actively use custom tailored audio and video materials that support language acquisition.

A very important cornerstone of the system is the E- Talking Channel ™, an Internet-based language application for communication and practice, which provides an opportunity for daily controlled practice and development with teachers, domestic and foreign interlocutors.

The 5 phases of the acquisition process

1. Listening while sleeping
2. Background “noise” listening during the day
3. Imitation of native speakers
4. Continuous conversation with partners (provided)
5. Fluent speech

The Content

The E- Talking Club ™ system consists a core of 6,000 questions and 6,000 answers.

While an average American person uses approximately 5,000 words, the E- Talking Club ™ material embeds nearly 6,500 words into the human consciousness, doing so in complete sentences.

The process of mother tongue acquisition provides the learner with continuous and sustainable knowledge that requires one third of the time of incorporation compared to the traditional language teaching model. 

How does the app work?

The sole purpose of natural language use is: TALKING.

Conversation is simply asking questions and giving answers. Therefore our language course is built up by questions and answers, 6000 precisely.

Everybody listens to, watches, repeats and practices the same 6000 questions and answers via talking to other users, language repeaters and native speakers.

All performances are monitored according to their individual speed, stamina, motivation. When conversing with others our software does the matching of users based on their level of communication. The aim is fluency and nothing else.

Essential parts of the method are: listening to special audio recordings, watching videos and repeating the sentences spoken by native speakers, daily online talking practice with real people. 

All dialogues are 3-minute talking sessions consisting of ten questions and answers generated by our software, based on the level of the individual user. According to your level you can either be an asking person or answerer.

Everybody starts with giving answers, but after reaching a certain level, everybody becomes an asking person. There is no student teacher relationships in the system. The course starts at a very light level and gradually becomes harder and harder, based on the speed and skills of each individual user.

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