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E- Talking Purple Club

The membership
that lets you earn tangible benefits

The ETC Learn-2-Earn functionality is a revolutionary approach to language learning that rewards users for their active participation and progress. By integrating blockchain technology and tokenomics, users not only enhance their language skills but also earn valuable ‘real world’ rewards. This system transforms the traditional learning process into an engaging and rewarding experience.

A Rewards program
the unordinary way...

Creating a true win-win:
Giving back, fairly & transparently.
This is the ETC way, your way.

Real assets to Earn

You earn membership points which can be either redeemed for In-app purchases, or you may opt for the ETC "Buyback" option where we purchase your generated reward tokens for digital currency.

Community Engagement

One of the many regular tasks to complete is to ask questions from your fellow members to aid their progress and secure your rewards. It's a true win-win. Lots more activities to pick from.


Everyone can see their rewards progress tracked in the App and also all of the rewards transaction on the blockchain for full disclosure. We are aiming for complete transparency.

Innovation through tokenization

Tokenization provides members with valuable rewards, and a gamified learning experience, all while maintaining full control over their digital assets. We offer a cutting-edge approach to language learning that is engaging, secure, and rewarding.

You are in Control

Your earned tokens are stored in your Web3 wallet. You can view and manage your earnings directly from your wallet, providing a seamless and secure experience.

Buyback program

ETC is committed to allocate a portion of its revenue subscription stream to offer a buyback program to create a healthy win-win rewards ecosystem.

How it works...

Once you have your Membership token, all you need to do is stake your token and complete your tasks. These are all very simple steps to do. We will help you all the way to ensure you get your rewards.

It is all set in Digital Stone and it's yours only!

Planned release date
Q3 2025


Get Rewarded!