E- Talking Club ™

The NO study language app!

NO Study | Speak Fluently | Earn Rewards

Be Part of Something Great. Support Development.

E- Talking Club ™

The NO study language app!

NO Study
Speak Fluently
Earn Rewards

Be Part of Something Great.
Support Development.



Study-free language learning

Many people struggle with the problem that even though they have learned a foreign language for years, they can only use it in writing – their comprehension of the text after hearing is very poor and speech is also difficult.
Instead of investing years in a method that is not effective, try something that gives you real knowledge in a short amount of time, try the ETC method and learn to speak fluently!

We are confident, you will be confident.

E- Talking Club ™

Natural language learning

The ETC way, your way...


The ETC non conscious language acquisition method allows you to learn any language without studying! You may learn three languages at a time using the ETC next gen App and Dapp.


With the unique and revolutionary ETC method the focus is on you to be able to speak fluently as soon as possible so you can use your new skills in real life and online ASAP.


We love giving back to our members! Purchase an ETC NFT digital membership and you will receive subscriptions rewards for the length of your membership.


Use your own revolutionary online AI Avatar that learns your progress and represents you and your skills as you would present yourself online via your ETC utility NFT.

Planned release date Q4 2024


Stay ahead of the game with up to date language skills and collect rewards

Step up to the next level

Join a community of sharp people worldwide who wish to improve their skills by acquiring new languages quickly and with little effort. 
ETC gives you real usable language skills, you will no longer be afraid to use your language skills in front of others.
As a  gratitude of appreciation, our members receive a share of membership rewards. You will also be entitled to next gen NFT ownership and an intelligent AI Avatar.


Experience a language learning breakthrough with ETC!
Unlock native-like proficiency effortlessly!

The "non" conscious language acqusition method.


You don't have to spend years unnecessarily studying languages!

What's in it for you?

The three pillars of the ETC vision


LEARN new languages quickly and with little effort

No one learns their mother tongue from a book! Our method is based on the principle of mother tongue acquisition, meaning you can learn to communicate in the target language exactly as you learned your native language: you speak first, and only then comes grammar and writing. 
It is proven, and it just works, naturally.


NEXT GEN online presence

Show your proud self

Be ahead of the pack and promote yourself more effectively! As your language and communication skills improve, your progress will be reflected in your intelligent NFT.

Train your AI avatar in a form of an intelligent NFT that is truly YOU and 100% YOURS

Your progress – your own avatar for your future.




We have set out to build the most active and vibrant online language learning community. Social interaction with other members around the globe supports your personal growth and it is rewarding you with more and more membership perks and rewards.

We have tokenized your membership access for the ultimate next gen experience and maximum benefit.
You will be on the path of success, in terms of skills and rewards accumulation.


The Web 3 & NFT experience

Don't get left behind!

ETC NFT Membership

Your single key to unlock all ETC services

ETC is pioneering the way our members connect with us and benefit from our members loyalty program. We are presenting our brand new NFT Digital Club Membership tokens.

The time has come to fully utilise NFTs the way they were always intended to be used. You will no longer need to register in a traditional manner on our website… If you hold an ETC Membership NFT and your WEB 3 wallet is active and connected, you will automatically access all site content and services, including the app when released.

A utility NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, goes beyond being a unique digital asset. It represents your ownership or proof of authenticity for your ETC member token, and it also serves as a key to unlock exclusive membership services. By owning your exclusive ETC utility NFT, your proof of being the sole owner is securely stored on a blockchain, plus you gain special access to premium features, exclusive content, or unique experiences tied to that NFT.


ETC is bringing you next gen features along with traditional web 2 members login area. Your choice.

Web 3 is the next generation of the internet that is already here. Web3 and NFT go hand in hand but don’t worry it’s seamless for you as a user. We are paving the way forward to get you the next gen learning experience and the ultimate digital ownership.

Web3 refers to the next generation of the internet, where decentralized technologies and blockchain are used to empower individuals and enable peer-to-peer interactions. Unlike the traditional Web2, which relies on centralized platforms and intermediaries, Web3 aims to create a more open, transparent, and user-centric internet experience. In Web3, users have greater control over their data and digital identities, and they can directly interact with decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. It fosters trust, security, and privacy by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptography. Web3 opens up exciting opportunities for innovation, such as decentralized learning, decentralised finance (DeFi), NFTs, decentralized social networks, and more. ETC will embrace the decentralized future with Web3 and unlock a world of possibilities for our community to benefit!

''For you, all it means is you need to have your Web 3 wallet connected. We take care of the rest.''


Revolutionary education.


You too can speak any language

The founder and brain behind the ETC project has one goal in mind: to unlock the mystery of learning any language, and help you acquire any new language as if it were your native tongue at any stage of your life.

We all know that learning a new language is becoming increasingly difficult as we age. The unique, patented technology of ETC – the result of many years of tireless research and dedication – is designed to disrupt the world of conventional language learning methods. The time has come to share this unique knowledge with anyone around the world who wishes to master a new language at any stage of their lives easily without the struggle and stress of repetitive learning.

Forget about “learning” a new language – instead, acquire any new language naturally, easily and quickly, like children pick up their native tongue!
You will soon start to enjoy being able to communicate with others online and offline, and accumulate rewards along the way.

technology - education - charity

Dedicated to all people of Earth

The team behind ETC has a dream: to build the world’s largest online language learners community. It’s no small feat but we are confident that with dedication and hard work we can get there together. Among our set goals are charitable events. We would love to donate education to people in need of a better future. We believe that together with our members we will be able to donate to these causes soon enough via our NFT charity options. Everyone deserves better education and if we can help it, we will make a difference, with you on board. In our vision, everyone should benefit.

The uniqueness

Spoken Language optimization and multi language learning

Get in the frontline

There are many language learning apps and schools. They are mostly fine, however none so far has been able to achieve what we have set out to do. That is to acquire (not study) your desired language as if it were your native tongue that you learn as a kid. With ETC the emphasis is on what matters most, being able to speak confidently and use your skills in everyday practical use cases. Not only that, but with the ETC method you may be able to learn up to three languages at the same time without more effort.

Start Learning a language with ETC.

Get Rewarded!